Hyperion YAK-55SP "10e"

Super scale aerobat


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The Hyperion YAK-55SP "10e" can be related to "Engine 10" class models. However comparing other "10e" models, YAK-55SP has bigger motor 37mm dia. motor Z3007. Ordinary "10e" model has 28mm dia.  under 200W motor. Z3007 is more than 200W. Also Laser 20 is more than 200W model. YAK-55, flying speed is slower than Laser 20.
Also wing area(17.3dm²/268 sq inch) is bigger than SU-31(14.8dm²/229 sq inch).


Super scale aerobat
Hyperion Z3007-30
APC Thin E 10x5
Battery Hyperion LVX 1500mAh 3S LiPo
ESC Dreamfly Melody 25A ESC
Receiver CC-RX-Berg7P 72MHz
Servo Dynam 8.4g mini servo x 4
Size Length 806mm
Wingspan 980mm
Wing Area 17.3dm²
Weight without battery
Flying Weight 690g
Wing Loading 39.88g/dm²
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Parts Weight

Power Unit
Propeller APC E 10x5
Prop. Adapt.
Dreamfly Melody 25A ESC 25.0g
Servo Dynam mini servo 39.0g
Receiver CC-RX-Berg7P 72MHz 9.0g
Extension Code
TTL (without battery)
Battery Hyperion LVX 1500mAh 3S LiPo 128.0g
TTL 320.9g

Assenbly Report

YAK-55's motor mount is very different from Hyperion SU-31 "10e". SU-31's mount is too much weak ! Actually, SU-31's mount was broken twice. However I can say that YAK-55's motor mount is stronger than SU-31's mount.
Canopy magnet latch is very good. Battery setup is easily and doesn't need long time.
Tail gear is fixed. Original design is set to rudder, I set to fuselage.
Start with model balanced at CG point furthest forward, 60mm (2.4inch) from wing leading edge, measured against the fuselage.  Set Dual-Rate switches at 65% for Aileron and Elevator for first flight.

Power Unit

APC E Thin 10x5 Efflux Speed 68km/h
rpm : Amps chart rpm : thrust chart
Amps-rpm chart rpm-thrust chart

APC E Ehin 11x5.5 Efflux Speed 64km/h
Yamatogawa Special
rpm : Amps chart rpm : thrust chart

Flight report

Take off, it's easy, because this model has big power. But It is not easy to fly 3D & torque roll with the rudder.  Wing loading is not so light and my skill is very good ??

Flight Video
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Produced & Designed
 Nobby Noboru Hirano