Hyperion Sniper 3D

The BIG EPP 3D Plane

Japanese Version

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Sniper is EPP plane desighned by David Kyjovsky. This EPP plane is larger than average size. It gives me the edge in stability, maybe(^-^).
I bought A20-20L compatible motor, I hope to fly casual and easily.


Type Big EPP 3D Electric Plane
Servo E-Sky EK2-0500 x 2
Waypoint W-084 x 2
Receiver Corona RP6D1 16g
Length 1100mm
Wingspan 1000mm
Wing Area 23.5dm²
Flying Weight 461g
Wing Loading 19.61g/dm²
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Bulding comment

I changed specification, the use a servo to 2 servos for aileron.  And Funfly model must be used bigger servo.  Because movement zone is much bigger than ordinary model.
On the manual , using wire for reinforcement main wing. I changed wire to carbon spear 5 x 0.4 x 820(mm).

Power Unit

KEDA Model  KA20-20L 1050rpm/V
Propeller APC Slowfly 10x4.7 or GWS SF 10x4.7 N/A
Hobbywing 18A ESC 25g
Battery Hyperion LVX 1200mAH 3S 102g

rpm : Amps chart rpm : thrust chart
Amps-rpm chart rpm-thrust chart
Thrust 850g Measurement data by Tahmazo Thrustmeter.

Flight report

Basement of landing gear, it is much weak point. Must be need reinforcement structure. Following video, I feel it is not 'Hard Landing'. However it was broken. And may be need much more side thrust comparing standard motor mount structure.
Flying feeling is very good. But problem is video camera man .....(^^;)

Before Flight
Broken Gear
2nd Flight
Before Flyght
Landing gear was broken.

Produced & Designed by  Nobby Noboru Hirano